What is a MusicBrick?


Think of an experience connected to a song or piece of music and ask yourself three questions; why, where, when…
  • Why does it mean something to me?
  • Where was I when I was listening to it?
  • And when was I listening to it?
  • And there you have it… a music brick

Something personal, a song that when heard again transports you back in time…
  • A son or daughter being born
  • A sporting victory
  • A birthday
  • A song that cushioned you when you fell
  • Or one that inspired you to succeed
  • A music festival
  • A wedding song
  • Were you where geographically

Think of a song or genre and talk about how it shaped the life around you…
  • The style of clothes you wore
  • The shoes
  • The hairstyles
  • The radio stations
  • The clubs/dancehalls/raves
  • The politics and the world events...

Have opinion? Then whatever you want…
  • Your thoughts about particular artists, bands Or the plethora of genres
  • Post questions
  • Write album reviews
  • Talk about a concert or festival you’ve seen
  • Lyrics that touched or inspired you Or maybe the current state of radio

What about the music scene, where’s it been, how far has it come…
  • Reflect on music and its influences; past and present.
  • Your thoughts about the current music scene
  • Your feelings about particular solo artists and bands.
  • Push and shout about shiny new artists, groups, orchestras, choirs… it’s all music

You have your music brick. Now fix your piece of history into our piece of history and you’ll own an exclusive and permanent position in musicbrick.com

Feel free to add as many musicbricks as you like, the strength and size of the Musicwall lies in the creativity, choices and experiences you’re willing to share.