Knock Three Times


This song will always remind me as a kid going on my Holidays with the family.

My dad had a blue Ford Cortina estate and every year we went to Holyhead for our holidays. The journey down was like eternity, with hills that were nearly impossible to climb and only doable in first gear.

Everything was squashed into the car; extra blankets, suitcases, bags of food readying ourselves for the two weeks ahead, basically the house we lived in back home was emptied out of all belongings and stuffed into the Cortina first. Then we were encouraged to find our own little nooks and crannies to get comfortable in. The boot of the car was always a favourite place of mine, lying on top of the suitcase trying to get comfy, pre-regulation days that is.

Dont know what year it would be but I remember this song being continuously played on the radio all the way to Holyhead, no matter what radio station we had on. It was a time when we were happy to play in rock pools and going crabbing all day with my dad while my mum done exactly what she did back at home Fun times!

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Artist: Tony Orlando

Genre: Pop

Decades: 1980's

Author: Martin Beattie

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Updated: January 27th 2018

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