Don't You Want Me Baby


I was working away the other day when a friend phoned up from the UK. He was laughing down the phone telling me he just had a flashback to when we were all around 16. Radio City, a local radio station, were doing their usual slot of Guess the Year when this song came on.

Colin, my mate, reminded me of something that had long been forgotten about, but once he started talking it all came flooding back! We were all on our first night out into the centre of Liverpool, doing the usual trying; to act older, taller, wiser, soberer than we really were. When one of us came up with the bright idea of trying to get into a club Why not, we all thought!

The bouncers on the door looked us up and down and asked each one of us, how old are you? And how old are you? down our group of friends. We all passed with flying colours because strangely all five of us were exactly 18 (NOT).

As we entered the club the bouncer on the inside told us to write our names and dates of birth in the Signing in Book. And that was it, we were in a real night club for the first time in our lives DONT YOU WANT ME BAY The song went DONT YOU WANT ME NOW OW OW OW We were all looking at each other thinking, Jesus, were in a night club!!! I WAS WORKING AS A WAITRESS IN A COCKTAIL BAR Christ, will someone hurry up and get the ale in! Someone said, as we all stood grinning at the dance floor. BUT EVEN THEN I KNEW ID FIND A MUCH BETTER PLACE Five pints of Fosters it is then! EVEN WITH OR WITHOUT YOU...

Then the bouncer who originally let us in put his arms around us all, Who the F is Martin Beattie? That's me! I said like an idiot. (I could have easily pointed at one of the other lads)

Gerrout my club!! He encouraged, You've just signed in with your real date of birth you dick! Aaaaahhh hey mate! I was thinking on my feet, cant I just change it!

Colin is an encyclopedia of memories from our youth, but doesn't know how to turn on a computer. Lol.

So a few more stories should be coming soon, when we speak again.

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Artist: Human League

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Decades: 1990's

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Updated: January 28th 2018

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