About MusicBrick

Musicbrick.com is a place to share your musical memories with the world.  Start bringing the playlist of your life, to life…  Please be aware when creating your Music Brick that we are a committed platform for music and memory only!

What is a Musicbrick?

Musicbrick.com is a platform for people around the world to share a personal choice of music and explain how it impacted on their life. Each new experience submitted will form one music brick, these experiences are then permanently fixed into our unique Musicwall.

What is the Musicwall?

The Musicwall will become a library of the life and times of music, an epitaph of history past and history in the making. Musicbrick.com is an organic global platform; a wonder wall of sound, vision and experience integrated into an easy to use social matrix.

Our Goal

The uniqueness of musicbrick.com is its commitment to build the tallest virtual structure in the world using the accumulating Musicbrick’s and the power of music.

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